Cassandra's Alterations


We alter, repair and resize clothing for men, women, and children.  Altering and custom fitting formal 

wear is one of our specialties ( See Special Services)

Pick Your Suit! Will Design To Your Taste..



Women's Alterations               Men's Alterations


Dress/skirts                            Slacks


Take up sides                          Straight Hem                    

Hems                                      Hem w/cuff                 

Take up waist                         Take up/let out Waist                  

Replace zipper                         Replace zipper   



Pants                                       Suit Coat


Hem                                        Take up/let out                 

Take up/let out waist              Shorten/lengthen sleeves



Jackets                                     Vest


Take up                                   Take up/let out                  

Shorten/lengthen Sleeves    


Vest                                          Shirts


Take up/ let out                       Taper

                                                 Shorten sleeves